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The ancient Maya left encoded in stone in the Yucatan many centuries ago, a roadmap to navigate the times in which we now find ourselves. The Mayan Oracle is a modern interpretation of this ancient wisdom. The intention of the Mayan glyphs in this oracle is to offer you loving assistance through the intense transformation predicted by the Maya in the last twenty years of the 26,000 year cycle of time,culminating around 2013. What is unique about these mayan star glyphs is that these ancient symbols are precoded in our DNA to work on a cellular and energetic level to transform and accelerate your evolutionary patterning. The Mayan star glyphs are a coded, galactic language of light which holds the intention of clearing whatever is out of alignment with your essence, that you may take advantage of the potent acceleration of consciousness which is now occurring on Earth. Like everything else in Mayan cosmology, this happens through harmonic resonance with the symbols. Through direct interface with the Mayan starglyphs, through resonant transduction, the symbols are able to do their work of offering you the transformative frequencies of information with which the symbol is encoded. The intention of The Mayan Oracle divination system is to create a direct bridge between you and the divine guidance that your Essence intrinsically holds, to waken in full remembrance as a dimensional presence.

These mysterious ancient Mayan symbols reflect a place beyond the bounds of time and space. They come to us from the stars. They ensure directly from the nameless, universal Great Mystery. The Mayan Tzolkin, a 260 square loom of creation, is a galactic matrix which is made up of a combination of twenty archetypal patterns of light and thirteen radial pulsations or tones, called numbers. The twenty Mayan symbols represent the various faces of divinity through which humanity is evolving; to the end of becoming what the Maya call, The Mind of Light. This universal code embraces the knowledge and wisdom of the cosmos and is a means for decoding the larger patterns and cycles of the Universe. The Tzolkin code pulses endlessly, like radio waves, offering galactic information and direct alignment with universal wisdom. These symbols, in combination, tap directly into the evolutionary potential held within the resonant frequencies of the Divine Mystery.

Your Mayan Galactic Signature is the specific combination of galactic energies that were extant on the day of your birth. One archetype and one number combination holds your whole Mayan astrology. If you wish to have your own personal Galactic Signature done by Ariel, along with an interpretation of that signature, simply send your birthdate and a check for $100.00 to the following address: Ariel, Box 1199, Woodacre, CA 94973 or email Ariel at If you wish to have an in-depth session specifically from the frequency of your unique combination of energies email Ariel to set up a specific phone session to talk about your Galactic Signature.

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